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Rebecca's Bostock is a perfect combination of sweet bread and almond frangipane. Made in 3 flavours, this treat is homemade, freshly baked, and lasts for up to three days!







Fancy a slice?

Simply add to your shopping list and receive on Fridays - our bake day!

e.g. 4 x Bakewell Bostock

1 for £2.50

4 for £9




Doing one thing well.png

Contains almonds, eggs, milk, gluten, (hazelnuts chocolate flavour only)

To order, simply send over your shopping list, I'll do the rest!


You will be billed after delivery - cash, cheque or bank transfer work fine!

Delivery Slots:

Thursday - Morning, Lunchtime or Evening

Deadline for orders is 8:30 pm on Wednesdays

Friday - Morning, Lunchtime or Evening

Deadline for orders is 8:30 pm on Thursdays

(Order as many times as suits you per week!)

Flexible and just want the best variety of your item? 


  • Just type 'BEST' before your item and I'll get you the top dog! (e.g. BEST apples x 6)

Making something specific and want a recommendation?


  • Just type what you're making after your item and I'll get you what's best! (e.g. potatoes x 6 wedges)

You'll receive a confirmation email when we get your list, and a copy of your order will arrive with your box.

Make a mistake? Forgotten something? We all do we're only human... Let me know, I'd love to help on 07922 073946.

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