To help you shop more seasonally we have added

Russ' Peachy Picks to some of our produce. When you see

this sticker you know this item is especially great this week.

Where possible we source our produce from the UK and Europe.


We remove out of season and poor quality products from our stock list, you truly do get the best produce when you've got an expert in your back pocket!

PRICING - you benefit from pricing based on supply and demand, saving you dosh especially on seasonal items! Delivery is free of charge and pricing isn't inflated for this service - you pay as you would at the counter of Le Crunch.

Here at Each Peach we like to encourage you to shop and cook seasonally. Seasonal shopping gets you better produce at a lower cost, it also reduces the environmental impact of your order!


Longley Farm

Butter £2.50

Cream - Sour £0.70

Creme Fraiche £1.00

Cream - Double (Large £1.60 or Small £0.80)

Cream - Single (Large £1.20 or Small £0.75)

Cottage Cheese £ 1.45 -

Full Fat Original, Chive, Pineapple

Fat Free Original

Cream Cheese £1.50

Eggs - Free Range

6 £1.65 

12 £3.30

Plain Greek Yoghurt - £1.60

Greek Yoghurt - £1.75


Lemon & Ginger

Natural Yoghurt - £1.35

Full Fat or Fat Free

Small Yoghurts £0.55 

Apple, Banana,

Black Cherry, Blackcurrant,

Blueberry, Caramel, 

Hazelnut, Lemon,

Mandarin, Natural, Peach Melba, Pineapple, Raspberry, Rhubarb,

Strawberry, Vanilla

Gooseberry (Low fat)

Nuts, Dried Fruit & More

Chocolate Nuts - £2.25

Chocolate Raisins - £2.25

Chocolate Brazil Nuts - £2.95

Yogurt Nuts - £1.95

Yogurt Raisins - £1.95

Prunes - £1.95

250g Bags of...

125g Bags of...

Almonds - £2.25

Mixed Nuts - £2.50

Walnuts - £2.25

Brazil Nuts - £2.50

Hazelnuts - £2.50

Cashew Nuts - £2.25

Peanuts - £1.10

Bombay Mix £1.25

Homemade Jams 


Cherry, Gooseberry, Plum,

Strawberry Conserve,

Seville Orange Marmalade 

All £3.50