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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much do you charge for delivery?

A: There is a £1.50 delivery charge, our click & collect service is free.             


Q: Which areas do you deliver to?

A: We currently deliver to a range of postcodes but we are widening our reach and happy to pick up new areas. 

If you have any friends or neighbours who might be interested, please spread the word!


Q: When do you deliver?

A: Fridays with day time and evening delivery options.


Q: What is your time frame for deliveries?  It would be helpful to know when we could expect you.

A: When you order, you will be asked to select a daytime or evening delivery slot that works best for you and if you need to add additional information that helps us to understand your needs, you can pop it onto your shopping list.


Q: What if I need to go out? 

A: You can send a message by text or WhatsApp to let me know where to leave your order or what time you’re likely to be home to accept delivery.


Q: Can you deliver to me at work?

A: Yes, if it’s within a reasonable travel radius. Just ask and we’ll take it from there.


Q: Can I specify the produce I would like in my box?

A: Yes, that’s a key part of the Each Peach service. We pick the produce using your individual shopping list and the more information you give us, the better.  For example, if you want green bananas, small leeks or the best potatoes for mash, just let us know!          

You can tell us what you’d like in numbers or in weight. 


Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: No, everyone has different requirements and we like to make sure everyone can enjoy our lovely produce!


Q: What’s the cut off time for ordering?

A: 8:00pm on the day before delivery, but if you have forgotten/need to add something,  get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.


Q: Can I order more than once a week?

A: Yes, you can!


Q: What if something is missing from my order? 

A: You will only have been charged for what’s in your box... If we’ve missed something, let us know and we’ll sort it out!


Q: What if something isn’t as I’d hoped?

A: If there’s anything that you’re not happy with, please let us know so we can resolve this for you. We welcome and value your feedback. That’s how we make our service the best it can be!



Q: How do I know what the best quality and value produce is?

A: We update the produce list on the website twice a week to highlight seasonal recommendations.  Look out for Russ’s Peachy Picks on our produce page! We also provide regular updates via the website/WhatsApp.

In addition, we have a feature which allows you to request the ‘best of’. For example, ask for the ‘Best Apples’, and we’ll make the choice on your behalf. When it comes to selecting the best produce, we’re picky!


Q: The fruit & veg was delivered in a large cardboard box. Can we return this for reuse? 

A: Yes, we reuse boxes and recycle when they’re no longer fit for purpose. Most of our customers hand over boxes/leave them out on the next delivery day.


Q: Can I have my fruit and veg delivered with less packaging?

A: Yes, all our orders are delivered in cardboard boxes. We use paper bags where we need to protect the produce. Unfortunately, some of the suppliers use plastic packaging which we can’t avoid but we do our best with this.


Q: Do you have a full price list?

A: You pay the same prices as you would at Le Crunch. However, Russ Sharp - the owner of the shop ensures he gets the best priced and the highest quality produce. It's really difficult to publish a full list on the website as prices vary week to week and even day to day, depending on the suppliers and changes in the season. We aim to keep our customers informed about seasonal changes and provide a weekly update on what's good value and what's pricey! 


Q: How do I pay?

A: Details for payment by bank transfer are on the website, if you hover on the box next to the order form. Some of our customers prefer to pay by cheque and that’s fine if internet banking isn’t your thing!






Still have a question? Ask away...

Thanks for your enquiry, we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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